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Chocolate Covered Vanilla Zephyr

Pastil confectionery.

Ingredients:  chocolate  glaze  (sugar, grated cocoa, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, milk fat, emulsifier - lecithin soy, Vanilla fragrance), apple puree,  glucose syrup, jellifying agent - pectin,  dry egg protein, acidity regulators: lactic acid, sodium lactate, Vanilla fragrance.

Contraindications: in case of individual intolerance to egg white.

Nutrition value per 100 g of product: protein – 2g; carbohydrates – 72g; fats – 11g

Energy value per 100g of product: 1665kJ / 395kcal.

Shelf life3 months

GOST 6441-2014

Net weight: 250 g

Storage conditions: Store in clean, dry, well-ventilated, not affected by pests of  grain stocks warehouse at a storage temperature of (18+/-3) °С; a relative humidity of not more than 75%;  Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Zephyr is an exquisite sweetness for refined individuals. Belyov marshmallow – цшер raspberries, cranberry, apple - will please even the biggest sweet tooth. You can buy such marshmallows not only in Moscow: it is represented in the largest shops of Tula, Krasnodar and many other cities and countries.

A delicious taste for those who love tenderness

Zephyr from Antonovka - a classic taste of Belyov mouth-watering delicacies. It has an airy structure, light weight and a small calorie content. After the first piece in dessert, it's impossible not to fall in love! He fascinates and enthralls! Its taste is impregnated with harmony, and the delicate aroma with creamy-sweet notes that exude the sweetest sweet cloud-pads, is able to conquer even those who do not like sweet!

This effect is created because the Belyov zefir has a unique technology of preparation:

  • handmade technology known by a small number of masters;
  • the ancient technology of preparation of delicacy is used;

the basis of zefir is apple puree, made of apples from our local farmers

Therefore, Belyov zefir has a natural taste, delicate texture, impeccable quality and light acidity, which distinguishes "Antonovka." This dessert will delight both children and adults. It will be beautiful decoration of both festive and casual table.

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