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Belyov pastila without sugar with blackberries

Components: grinded baked apples, blackberries, egg whites.

Nutrition value for 100g of product: carbohydrates – 65g, proteins – 4g.

Energy: 276 kcal/1156 kJ.

Shelf life: 9 months if stored at temperature between +8 and +10 °C, 4 months if stored at temperature +10 and +25 °C, were relative humidity not more than 75 to 80%.

Pastila with berries

Belyov pastila with berries is an inexpressible soft dessert getting right into your heart from the first piece! The delicacy is handmade, according to a traditional recipe, without adding preservatives, flavor enhancers and colorings. This sweetness can conquer even the most demanding "sweet tooth".


Claud made of fruits


A large number of varieties of Belyov pastila with berries is presented on the site

  • pastila with cranberries;
  • Shepherd with cherries;
  • Shepherd with blackberries, strawberries, blueberries ...

In a word, with any berries that the Tula region and Belyov can boast of.

Delicacy is an alternation of the most delicate air layers of traditional apple pasta with light antonic sourness and sweet, fragrant berry layers that have a more pronounced color due to natural berry dyes, and a completely different taste, much more pronounced and unusual. This gives rise to an impeccable dessert combination, the harmony of the taste of ripe Antonov apples and exquisite berries.

 Belyov berry pastila has an amazing bright aroma and a delicate structure resembling a fruit cloud. Sweetness literally melts in the mouth and does not leave anyone indifferent who appreciates the impeccable quality of desserts, freshness and natural taste. A delicate and luxuriant bar not only will be a good opportunity to cheer up, but will also be useful for the health of sweet tooth: apple pectin will help to normalize the metabolism. You can eat and not think about the figure!

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