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Belyov pastila whith cedar nuts

Components: grinded baked apples, cedar nuts, sugar, egg whites.

Nutrition value for 100g of product: carbohydrates – 81g, proteins – 1g, fat – 0,04g.

Energy: 329 kcal/1395kJ.

Shelf life: 9 months if stored at temperature between +8 and +10 °C, 4 months if stored at temperature +10 and +25 °C, were relative humidity not more than 75 to 80%.

Pastila with nuts

Pastila with nuts is a more refined and complex dessert for the real connoisseurs of luxurious delicacies, which will conquer even the most captious people with a sweet tooth. In the same way as classic pastila, version with nuts is prepared from three main components:

  • delicate aromatic “Antonovka” apples, bought from local farms, baked in wooden oven and mashed in puree;
  • whipped egg whites;
  • sugar.

Cedar nuts added to the pastila, give it a special piquancy. However   the most important fact - it contain the highest level of antioxidants compared to other nuts and antioxidants are good because they stop the chain reactions that damage cells in the body when oxidation occurs. That is why pastila with nuts can be called one of the healthiest dessert of all. 

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